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KKBG's mission is to educate our visitors about the under-appreciated nature and complexity of plants as well as their importance to our lives and our survival on this planet.

Our vision is a world in which all humans understand, cherish and protect the earth's biodiversity, especially that of the Florida Keys.

We can't do it alone, though. Help us grow our vision - make a donation to The Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai Resort (we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization).


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Should you wish to make a large contribution or become a garden patron, we encourage you to write a check payable to: AEFFK-KKBG.ORG.
For more information contact our Executive Director, Joe Harris at:

The Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai Resort
97802 Overseas Hwy
Key Largo, FL 33037

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